12A – 25 Jun 2017

Declare before God

Commitment Sunday The Gospel today invites us as a church to ‘declare ourselves before God’ as good stewards. God loves …


Season of Growth | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


EXA – 18 June 2017

Lessons in Love

This Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ does not only draw to a conclusion this extended season of …


Solemnity | Year A | 2017


ETA – 11 June 2017

Trinity Love

For God so loved the world that he sent his only Son… The famous and beautiful Gospel today (from John …


Journey Radio program | Season of Growth | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


EPA – 4 Jun 2017

Personal Pentecost

The Gospel today (from John 20 verses 19-23) takes place on the evening of Easter Sunday. Mary Magdalene, who is …


Easter | Journey Radio program | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


EAA – 28 May 2017

Absence and doubt

The first question that emerges on this feast of the Ascension is why sometimes it is better for a person …


Easter | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


EV – 16 Apr 2017

Easter Vigil - Resurrection Is

This year our parish celebrated the Easter Vigil early on Easter Sunday morning (beginning at 5am) as a Dawn Mass, …


Easter | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


ES – 16 Apr 2017

Easter Day - Resurrection Is

One of the limitations of celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus is that for so many people in the church, they …


Easter | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


GF – 14 Apr 2017

Good Friday Gospel

Although we read the Passion story last Sunday during the Mass of Palm Sunday, that Gospel is always taken from …

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Easter | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


HT – 13 Apr 2017

Holy Thursday - Passover Slave

We begin these sacred days of Easter with this encounter on the eve of Passover – as we remember the …


Easter | Solemnity | Year A | 2017


C3 – Epiphany – 8 Jan 2016

Strangers of Epiphany

Although there is nothing in the Gospel of Matthew about camels, kings or even how many of the strange magi …


Christmas | Solemnity | Year A | 2017




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