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Marriage Preparation Courses

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Available in Wollongong Diocese and the Sydney area.

Details of Marriage Preparation Courses available in Wollongong Diocese


Partnership is a group-based course which runs over 3 sessions. Through a combination of group discussion and activities, couple exercises, DVD and guided skill practice, couples learn how they can improve communication and conflict resolution skills. A Sacramental and a Natural Fertility Planning Session complete the course.

Sydney Archdiocese
(Courses in Liverpool and Carnes Hill)

FertilityCare™ program

The FertilityCare™ program offers a natural, ethical method of family planning through simple observation of physical signs during a woman’s cycle. The information gained through these observations promotes understanding of a woman’s cycle and gynaecological health, allowing the system to be used to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy and to diagnose and treat a variety of reproductive-related health concerns. Its effectiveness at achieving pregnancy in sub-fertile couples is equal to or greater than IVF. The entire system offers a holistic, Catholic view of married love and sexuality as part of God’s creation. For more information on the physical and spiritual benefits of this God-centred program and to discover the positive effects it can have on your marriage, contact Tanaya Mills (based in Wollongong).

Details of Marriage Preparation Courses available in the Sydney area

Smart Loving Engaged

An integrated program which combines the sacramental nature of marriage and the insights of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body with contemporary relationship theory and research. Embrace involves the use of a mentor couple and is available in three formats: individual couple-to-couple mentoring (6 evenings), small groups of 2-5 couples (6 evenings) or large groups of up to 40 couples (6 evenings or 2 days).

Of Life and Love

A weekend course designed to give special emphasis to the spiritual and sacramental dimensions of marriage, while paying due attention to the more practical aspects as well, such as families, communication and finances. Of Life and Love highlights the importance of God’s grace and of human love in building a happy and enduring relationship.


A weekend course which focuses on the relationship of the couple and their relationship with God. Engaged Encounter provides an opportunity for each couple to talk privately, honestly and intensely about their future lives together; their strengths and weaknesses; desires, ambitions and goals; their attitudes about money, sex, children, and family; and their role in the Church and society.


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