Roman Missal, 3rd edition, English (with music) – Pope Francis edition

Now includes "with blessed Joseph, her Spouse" in the texts of Eucharistic Prayers 2, 3 and 4.

Includes the name of Pope Francis (or Francis our Pope) in the text; plus a whole series of minor textual improvements including the weekdays around Epiphany.

Contains the musical notation for the Seasons of the Year, Prefaces and Ordinary of the Mass including the Easter Triduum and most Feast Days.

Now includes interim texts of Eucharistic Prayers for Children.

This edition includes the music; if you want a smaller file to download and use choose the Special Compact Edition.

The whole file has now been rebuilt and redesigned with embedded font (Alegreya); it is now based on an original Word document, rather than on html and I have also made the Word file available here. All versions (including the Pope Francis edition with music) now feature a version number and date stamp to make it easier to check that you have the latest version.

Version 3/14.08.6 | 30 Aug 2014