L1B – 18 Feb 2018


We begin this new season of Lent by journeying with Jesus into the wilderness of temptation. The gospel today begins …


Lent | Year B | 2018


06B – 11 Feb 2018

Isolation and Healing

Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy 40 A man with leprosy came and knelt in front of Jesus, begging to be …

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Ignite Fuel App | Season of Growth | Year B | 2018


05B – 4 Feb 2018

Choose Good

One of the great dangers of modern life is our obsession with proving how valuable we are. This is seen …


Season of Growth | Year B | 2018


041 – 29 Jan 2018

Education Mass 2018

As we begin a new education year today, it is interesting that the readings of the day provide significant guidance. …

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Season of Growth | 2018


04B – 28 Jan 2018

Amazed and Astonished by Authority

Over the last few weeks during the readings from the beginning of the Gospel of Mark, we have heard of …

Season of Growth | Year B | 2018


03B – 21 Jan 2018

Call and Response

Last Sunday we were invited by Jesus in the Gospel of John to “Come and See” and this week when …


Season of Growth | Year B | 2018


02B – 14 Jan 2018

Come and See

The first Gospel that we hear as we plunge back into the season of the year with Mark in year …

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Season of Growth | Year B | 2018


C3 – 7 Jan 2018

Mystery Revealed

The key to understanding what this feast day of the Epiphany is all about is not so much in the …


Christmas | 2018


C2 – 31 Dec 2017

Covenant and Ritual (Holy Family)

When we first meet Abram, it is in Genesis 12, and he is invited by the Lord to leave his …


Christmas | Year B | 2018


C1 – 25 Dec 2017

Refugee Jesus at Christmas

Christmas can be a very confusing time. We have mixed together a veritable plethora of traditions, myths, consumer ideals and …


Christmas | 2018




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